Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summary of 2010 elections

As described in a previous post about administration of Tibetan Kham Lingtsang Society, it is headed by the Lingtsang Princess Rinzing Wangmo, who serves as the President of the settlement. The office of the Society is run by three executive staff members and a committee comprising ten members. All of the office staff and committee members serve a two-year term. Elections are held every two years to fill these leadership positions. Princess Rinzing Wangmo remains as the President of the Society.

The people of Lingtsang came together on 1 April 2010 to vote for new staff and committee members. The event started off with a speech and description of the election procedure by outgoing Vice President Mr. Tsedor. Then a list of candidates were released and people voted according to agreed rules. Votes were counted by settlement staff in front of everyone. Results were declared. And as per tradition, white scarves were offered to new and outgoing members. Many of the outgoing members were re-elected to serve for another term.

Here are results once again:

New Committee Members:
1. Karma Ramphel
2. Soga
3. Tsedor
4. Kunzang Dorjee
5. Tempa Rabgyal
6. Thondup Barling
7. Yeshi Gyatso
8. Choying Gyatso
9. Dawa Bhutia
10. Kushe Tenzing

Outgoing committees members
1. Soga Barling
2. Dechen Losel
3. Tempa Rabgyal
4. Gonpo Tseten
5. Thupten
6. Yeshi Gyatso
7. Sangay Shaap.
8. Tashi Phintso
9. Pema Tsering
10. Kunzang Dorjee

New Executive Staff Members:
1. Vice President: Dechen Losel
2. General Secretary: Pema Tsering
3. Manager (cashier): Gonpo Tseten

Outgoing executive staff members
1. Vice President: Tsedor Khamling
2. General Secretary: Karma Ramphel
3. Manager (cashier): Thondup Barling

Congratulations to new staff and committee members. I hope and trust that you all will work together for the betterment of the settlement and its people. My Thujiche to all out going members!

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