Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chatting with old friends-during free time

Chulla chatting with tenjom lhamo,they have a group of people who group up for the game of cards during hot summer,the game is called -CHAAPA COAT: which is played by four people,with two people as partner,it is a very popular cards game amongs the old peoples in manduwala,at present the weather is pretty good,not so hot.Soon their group would come into action as the weather would be hot hot hot(probably by may),
They would gether at chullas house(out side).I would up date with the photos as the group comes in action.

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  1. They must be great team in playing cards. Nice to hear about weather and to see the pictures of Chulla and Tenjom Lhamo sitting in the shade with bouganvilla petals on the ground. Look forward to more updates.