Monday, February 28, 2011

Kham Lingtsang Royal Crown, Seal and more items

Here are pictures of some of the personal belongings of the Lingtsang kings.

The first picture is that of the royal crown. The bird on the crown looks like a pheasant. Let me know if you have any information about the symbolic significance of the bird on the crown.

This second photo shows the royal seal, made of coral.

The third photo is a horn of an animal used by the kings of Lingtsang, many of whom were accomplished tantric practitioners or healers. This item is called ngakra (སྔགས་ར་) or the Tantric Horn, used to store blessed meditation substances by the healer kings of Lingtsang.

The last photo shows the skull of the Lingtsang King wangcnen tenzin chugyal (gyalrap 63). Notice the Tibetan alphabet "Ah" (ཨ) on the skull, which is believed to be naturally occuring phenomenon on the skulls of all the kings of Lingtsang.

In previous posts I shared images of King Wangchen Tenzin as well as King Phuntsok Gelek Rabten with his wife.

If you are interested in reading the Royal Genealogy of Lingtsang in Tibetan, click here.

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