Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A wonderful blogsite on Ling Gesar

This post is to share this wonderful site called Echoes in Exile: Treks Thru' the Tibetan Mindscape, maintained by Khechok of Shol, Lhasa. Echoes in Exile contains original composition poems and translations of Tibetan gems, including books about Milarepa and Ling Gesar.

Khechok presents his own translations of the Birth Story of Gesar and the Horse Race, two story books about Gesar published in Amdo, Tibet. Readers interested in Adages of the Ling Gesar epic can read them here. A permanent link to Echoes in Exile will be provided on our blog. Thanks to Khechok-la for his wonderful work.

Ling Gesar's statue in Yushu. Photo from


  1. Great site, Kuchu! It was great to see those photos of Wangchen Tenzin. and the Ling Gesar site you link to is very good - i have never seen it before.
    Tashidelek to you and everyone at manduwala!
    ki ki ki so so so
    lha gyal lo!

  2. That statue of King Gesar in Jyekundo is the largest in all of Tibet. Thank you for creating a very interesting site with excellent information on Ling Gesar.